About Us

Our Vision

Izura Events aims to deliver quality and fun events. Sport is something that everyone can enjoy and share in. We promote a fun, social and family atmosphere.

Whatever your goals for the future… believe… believe you can and your half way there!

Our Story

Every business has a beginning, and this is ours. We are passionate about sports and delivering events that we can be proud of.

Meet the Team

Jane – Director

I’ve always enjoyed sports which is why bringing izura events to life has been such a rewarding yet challenging experience. We’re a family run business and athletes ourselves. Our dream is to bring the best events to our fellow athletes.

We strive for continuous improvements as we grow and get better and better. I’m very excited to see what the future holds for Izura Events.

Mark – Events Manager (UK)

The brains of the operation, bringing izura events to you and keeping things running as smoothly as possible. Responsible for the day to day operations, behind the scenes planning and organisation. On the ground events manager and cycling guru.

Paul – Events Manager (UK South)

A seasoned runner and cyclist leading the way in for our southern events teams. Responsible for bringing you events that tour the beautiful scenery of the south. Official event bling collector.